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Finding Peace for the Stressed out Soul

Professional Counselling, Psychotherapy & Mediation

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Priya Zoting

   LLB, M.A.(Clinical Psychology),

M.S. (Counselling & Psychotherapy), PGDCC (Career Counselling), DSC (Spiritual Counselling)



  • Chief Counsellor and Mediator at BLISS Counselling & Mediation

  • Legal Consultant for Family Court Cases

  • Asst. Director (Academic) and Mentor, Institute of Psycho Management Studies, Nagpur

  • Visiting Counsellor, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur

  • Visiting Counsellor, Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design, Nagpur

“My lifelong spirited journey to understand myself and the world around me, led to ­­­­­­profusion of education and learning in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.  It was my innate desire of focusing and gaining a deeper understanding of  human behavior, that urged me to concentrate on  psychology in depth. This is how I explored my inner calling towards counselling. I came to this work by way of personal and professional evolution. Now I’m privileged to be able to guide others for their own transformation.”


About Priya

Priya Started her career in 2006 as an Advocate focussing on Civil cases & Family Court cases. During her 10+ years of legal practice, she represented plenty of couples, their children and families through legal disputes like Divorce, Alimony disputes & cases of domestic violence. She saw old aged parents filing cases against their own children and families fighting with each other over egos, property & money.


Case after case, she witnessed the futility of these legal battles, the emotional suffering of both parties, their families and the apparent lack of peace in her clients even after winning a case. She then came to the conclusion that legal remedy is not a sufficient solution to achieve peace from disputes, there must be some parallel string which can establish peace into their stressed-out souls. She then pursued formal education in Psychology and Psychotherapy, taking up her Masters and multiple diplomas in the field. She dived deep into Western & Indian Psychology and worked under able guidance of renowned Pyschotherapists.


That’s how "BLISS Counselling and Mediation" was born. Aim of "Bliss counselling & Mediation" is to provide high quality, affordable counselling and mediation in a safe, confidential and welcoming environment.





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To me the emotional quotient programme was very very fruitful. As it covered all the aspects which will help me in present and future.

After the programme the results i got were:

- Clear self-image (i came to know who i am and how i behave and feel in certain circumstances and react towards) this was self-awareness

- Before the programme i really had difficulties regarding time management and goal settings but when Priya ma'am introduced us with the time management tool, it really helped me to regulate myself and do things which were important and transactional to me.

- By setting a goal , goal was working as motivator and is pushing me to do me what i am capable of

- In case of emotions i learnt how to deal with empathy and how to manage anger and sadness by thinking rationally on it..

During the programme, there was a great  support by you Priya ma'am and the trust we all have on you is beyond the levels... You are a great mentor to us 

All i want to say is thankyou Priya ma'am for all the love , support and guidance

Thankyou so much


Ms. Riya Varma

Participant, Emotional Quotient Development Program

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